Quotation Mark graphicIt's not possible to say THANK YOU enough times to convey our gratitude for the beautiful wedding invitation and stationery design. The extensive detail and creativity of our stationery suite was beyond impressive, yet still personal and classic. Bottom line, the style and products Your team created for our special day could be called nothing less than perfect. I LOVED every piece and appreciate Your guidance, professionalism, and patience throughout the design process. The compliments are endless and I could not have been happier. Paper Daisies truly helped bring my dream wedding vision to life!

- Camden & Gavin
Quotation Mark graphicI'm not sure I can say thank you enough! Our wedding stationery is gorgeous and elegant. We loved it all from the invitations to the fans to everything in between. I received so many compliments on how nicely everything tied together and what a unique design it was, and it's all thanks to you! You are a master at what you do, and I'm referring you to everyone I know getting married. Thanks again, and best of luck in all of Your future business endeavors.

- Nicole
Quotation Mark graphicLisa - We wanted you to know how much we enjoyed working with you for all our wedding stationery. Your talent and creativity met and exceeded our expectations. Your ability to craft and tailor to every detail was impeccable. The compliments keep coming.

- Cathy
Quotation Mark graphicPrepare for some major gushing.....I have to tell you what an AMAZING job you did on our invitations! They are GORGEOUS! Chris loved them just as much as I did!

- Molly
Quotation Mark graphicHi Lisa, I just wanted to let you know again how much I absolutely LOVE the save the dates! The other day when most people received them in the mail I got text messages all day long about how awesome they are, including a lot of 'best one I've ever seen.' Thank you again!! And I can't wait for the invitations, programs and working on other paper stuff this summer!!!

- Elizabeth
Quotation Mark graphicWords cannot begin to describe how thankful we are to have found you for all of our stationery needs! You have really knocked it out of the park, so thank you!

- Olivia & Jeff
Quotation Mark graphicHey Lisa! We got the invitations...they are absolutely stunning. I am so in love!! You did such an amazing job - all the guests that have received them are raving :-)

- Ashley Baber, Wedding Planner
Quotation Mark graphicI just wanted to say that I got the invitation package today and I LOVE them! They are prettier than I expected and I really think that they speak to what we wanted really well. Just wanted to let you know how great a job you did! Thanks so much!

- Lauren
Quotation Mark graphicI received the package in the mail yesterday and I am super excited...The samples are exactly what I envisioned. I love how you pulled different elements of the monogram into different pieces of the stationery...

- Toni
Quotation Mark graphicI LOVE THEM!!!! They look so cute, and everything is perfect. You are so quick!

- Courtney
Quotation Mark graphicThank you for all of Your hard work designing and printing the stationery for the wedding. It was all beautiful and coordinated well at the wedding. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again!

- Lindi
Quotation Mark graphicWe wanted to send you some goodies as a thank you for all of Your help and guidance. It was so nice talking to you and we really appreciate everything you did for us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you! Thanks again!

- Amanda
Quotation Mark graphicThank you so much for everything! I really appreciate all of Your hard work.

- Sarah
Quotation Mark graphicWe want to thank you for handling my daughter's wedding invitation and other stationery needs. Everything was beautiful from the save-the-dates, to the invitations, programs, and thank you notes. You made the process very smooth and easy. Please feel free to use us as a reference - we were very pleased with everything. Best wishes for continued success in Your career.

- Ginger
Quotation Mark graphicThank you so much for Your efforts to make my wedding special! I am very pleased and really appreciate the quick service and patience with the changes.

- Connie
Quotation Mark graphicIt's so fun working with you!

- Katt
Quotation Mark graphicThanks for all you've done to make the wedding so special. So many people have complimented the style, design - even the 'handwriting'. If you ever need a recommendation, you know where to come!

- Donna
Quotation Mark graphicThe invitations have been the best part of planning the wedding for me. I truly value Your opinion. The Save the Dates were a smashing success! We got so many compliments on them.

- Avery
Quotation Mark graphicTHANK YOU for Your incredible work!!! Everyone LOVED the welcome box letter, the napkins, and Schedule of Events cards in particular. And the church kept about 10 of the programs to keep in their "program files" to show other brides how a top-notch program should look... It was so beautiful. I cannot thank you enough, Lisa, for Your patience and quick responsiveness throughout the stationery process. Paper Daises absolutely ROCKS!!

- Nancy
Quotation Mark graphicLisa, I cannot tell you in words how much I love the invitations!!! They were beautiful online, but seeing them in person was just awesome! They are gorgeous and I think captured our personalities beautifully!!! THANK YOU!!!!! You gave us exactly what "I" wanted!!!!!!

- David
Quotation Mark graphicThank you Paper Daisies for all Your hard work to make my wedding stationery so perfect! Everything was stunning! You are tremendous at Your craft!

- Erika
Quotation Mark graphicWe can't thank you enough for all of Your hard work! You completely captured all of the ideas and images we had envisioned for our wedding! Thank you for taking the time to listen to what we wanted and for getting to know us. You do incredible work! Thanks so much for everything!

- Nicole
Quotation Mark graphicI didn't get a chance today to reiterate how wonderful you've been! Thanks so so much for everything... we wanted to let you know that we sincerely enjoyed and appreciated Your style. Everything turned out awesome.

- Caroline
Quotation Mark graphicHi Lisa! So I had my shower this weekend and it was awesome....but that's not what I'm emailing about. :) A close friend found a lady that takes wedding invitations, shreds them, and puts them inside a clear christmas bulb -- this is what she gave me as a shower gift. She knows how much I loved our wedding invitations and I thought it was the best gift ever. Each year when I get my christmas ornament out I am going to get to remember what an awesome wedding invitation I had and what a fantastic person you were to work with!

- Breanna
Quotation Mark graphicI got the samples in the mail last week, and I LOVE them!!!

- Karen
Quotation Mark graphicOH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe how gorgeous they look. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!

- Emily
Quotation Mark graphicThat is awesome! I have never loved anything that anyone has done for me in terms of a logo and you hit it the first time :)

- Jade Lee, Wedding Planner
Quotation Mark graphicThey look so amazing! Thank you for giving us a great presentation to our wedding. We know our guests will love them.

- Traci
Quotation Mark graphicWe can't thank you enough for everything you did for our wedding. We enjoyed working with you. You are so fun! We loved all of the stationery. It gave a classy, personal touch to our wedding. Our guests loved everything. Thanks for making our wedding so special. Looking forward to working with you in the future. Please feel free to use us as a reference!

- Joyce
Quotation Mark graphicThank you for handling the wedding so gracefully. You are wonderful!

- Lindsay Pitt, Wedding Planner
Quotation Mark graphicThank you so much for everything! It was such a pleasure and you know I will refer others Your way. Thanks for being so understanding. You are the absolute best! Looking forward to working with you soon.

- Tomeika
Quotation Mark graphicYou were a real find. Thanks for Your professionalism and Your patience.

- Chris
Quotation Mark graphicThank you so much for the gorgeous work on my invitations. They turned out better than I had imagined. My friends and family will not stop raving about them! A million thank-yous!!

- Anne Elizabeth
Quotation Mark graphicThank you so much for the beautiful invitations! I will definitely keep Your name in mind for other showers, parties, etc.

- Ashley
Quotation Mark graphicJust wanted to let you know I received the samples and am ABSOLUTELY blown away!!! Everything is so beautiful and really just perfect. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time on the little details and embellishments.

- Sarah
Quotation Mark graphicI wanted to let you know that I received Your package and everything looks so great!! It felt like Christmas morning opening that manila envelope - Ha! Thanks so much for all Your hard work!

- Melissa