Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?

Of course! We take pride in working with all couples!! Love is love.

Do I need to make an appointment to come in or place an order?

Although we love meeting our clients in person, you do not need to come in to the studio to work with us. Our semi-custom route is fully available through our website, but should you want to come in to see our portfolios and displays, contact us to schedule an unassisted, 30 minute browsing session.

We also offer a complimentary 45 minute consultation with a designer either in-person or over zoom. During your consultation you can peruse our displays & portfolios, learn more about how we work, and a designer can help you set up your cart and place your order. Whether you are interested in our semi-custom route or our bespoke route, consultations are scheduled using our Consultation Request Form which can be found on our Contact Us page.

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What's the difference between the Bespoke Experience and the Semi-Custom Collection?

Our team at Paper Daisies is here to help you bring your unique vision/brand to life. To fit your workflow style, and your taste and budget, we have designed two options for wedding and event stationery - our semi-custom collection and our bespoke experience.

Semi-Custom - Paper Daisies Stationery



Our semi-custom collections offer high design at a lower investment level. We offer 20+ collections that are fully designed from start to finish with save the dates, invitations, and wedding day stationery. Clients can use any of our collections as their "inspiration suite" or as a base to customize. Ink colors, fonts, envelope colors, liners, are all customizable. High-end printing techniques like letterpress, foiling, and embossing are available as well as custom artwork.

The semi-custom route includes a complimentary 45 minute consultation where clients will sit with a designer to help build out their suite. At the end of the consultation, our designers will be able to provide you with a final price based on your customizations. Once we receive all the required details and wording, we will put together a digital proof of your stationery items, showing the design exactly as it will be printed. You can then review the digital proof and note any corrections or edits in 3 rounds of complimentary proofs.

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Our Bespoke experience is for our clients who want truly unique stationery from start to finish. Our designer will meet with you or your client either in-person at our studio in Atlanta or over Zoom. During this initial meeting we will review your inspiration images, look through portfolios, get to know the overall aesthetic to develop a personalized design concept. The world is truly your oyster when it comes to our Bespoke stationery. Whether it be leather, velvet, acrylic, handmade paper or a new exciting material, we will build the suite from the ground up, specifically for our clients.

Two weeks after the design concept meeting, Paper Daisies will provide a complimentary design concept as a starting point. After a deposit of the cost of save the dates and 50% of invitations, we will begin edits.


Bespoke clients invest a minimum of $8,000 to $10,000 on save the dates, invitations, and day of stationery.

- Minimum budget for invitations: $4,000

- Minimum budget for day of stationery: $2,500

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In what order should I put my invitation pieces in my envelopes?

How to stuff your envelopes is really up to you. If you have cards to include, we recommend placing them behind the invitation in the outer envelope. If you ordered ribbon or twine, once tied you can slide the cards under it to hold them in place.

Invitation tied with a ribbon

If you ordered a response envelope, slide your enclosure cards into the closed flap to help hold them together in the mail. If your response envelope adds a pop of color, place it in front so your guests see the color upon opening their invitation.

Invitation with colorful envelope

Can I change the colors when I order online?

Absolutely! You can select a main color and an optional accent color. We recommend choosing a darker color for your text and using the lighter colors as accents. Some of our watercolor swatches and floral details have pre-determined color offerings, but you can always change the color of the font. You can also order coordinating envelopes, liners, and backing layers! Mix and match or use the same colors throughout your suite! Learn more on our Semi-Custom Collections Info Page.

Can I customize my online order?

We offer many ways to customize our designs right on our website including adding your information, changing ink colors, adding vellum and ribbon, changing fonts, and even adding high-end printing like letterpress and foil! If you'd like to work with a designer, consider scheduling a consultation through our Contact Us page. Are looking for an option that you can't find on our site, consider going with our Bespoke Experience so you can work with a designer to get exactly what you are envisioning. If you have any questions please start a chat with us. To learn more visit our Semi-Custom Collection Info Page.

Can I provide my own monogram or artwork?

If you have permission to use the custom art then we'd be happy to add it to your designs! There will be a custom design/artwork set-up fee of $50.

Will I see my invitation before placing my order?

Once you place your order online you will be contacted by your designer who will be creating and emailing you your first digital proof in around 2 days. Once you've had time to review, you'll have 2 more rounds of proofs to edit and finalize your stationery so that we can move on to print! Please note, we pre-authorize your credit card to get started with the proofing process, but we will not charge it until you have approved your order for print.

Are my proofs going to be printed or digital?

We offer 3 rounds of complimentary digital proofs with our Semi-Custom Collection and as many rounds of proofs as you need beyond that for $75 each. If you would like to have a customized printed sample of your invitations, we can accommodate that request for a $75 print fee (please note that printed samples will be flat printed in-house and may not reflect the final look of our outsourced high-end printing techniques). If you're mostly interested in seeing the colors we'd highly recommend ordering a sample pack which includes printed color cards on white and ivory paper. Click here to view our Sample Sets.

What is computer calligraphy?

Computer calligraphy is your guests' address information printed on the front of your envelopes. We are proud to offer computer calligraphy for our Semi-Custom Collection as well as computer calligraphy and hand calligraphy services for our Bespoke Experience. Computer calligraphy has the look of hand calligraphy and will be printed to match the color and style of your suite. This is a great and cost effective alternative to addressing them by hand. If you choose to add computer calligraphy guest addressing to your order, we request that you use Our Template. To learn more, visit our Semi-Custom Collection Info Page.


Do I need inner envelopes?

Inner and outer envelopes are an old tradition that dates back to when invitations were delivered by horseback. The outer envelope would get so dirty that it was removed once delivered so that the addressed recipient only saw the clean inner envelope. They aren't necessary or even common these days except for very traditional weddings, however we do offer them by request.

How much postage do I need?

We recommend taking your invitations to the Post Office you plan to mail them from and have them weighed. They will recommend the correct postage according to their scale. If it's a single card and envelope it will likely be a standard 1oz stamp, however if you have multiple inserts, a liner, and ribbon you may need a 2oz stamp. You should also note that square envelopes always require additional postage.

When should I send out my invitations?

Typically 8-12 weeks is a good time to send out your wedding invitations. Err on the earlier side if you aren't sending save the dates. We highly recommend avoiding rainy days and holiday card season if possible. Visit our Timelines Page for more information.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Once we've received your final approval, your order will immediately go to print. For flat, digitally printed orders fulfillment typically takes about 2.5 weeks. We recommend that you place your order at least 3-6 weeks from your desired in-hand date. This allows ample time for the proofing process as well as any extended production time required for certain addons (such as letterpress, foil, custom monograms, crests, and custom watercolors). If we are using high-end printing techniques or doing any assembly, production will take an additional 1-2 weeks depending on the job. 

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While production time for bespoke invitations ranges, it typically takes between 4-5 weeks. We recommend that our clients looking for custom designs schedule their consult at least 8-12 weeks before they wish to send out their invitations (or about 4 months before their wedding date). 

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Will my invitations be assembled for me?

That depends. Our Semi-Custom Collections allow for you to choose whether we fold, line, and tied for you. If you're up for a crafty challenge and looking to save some money, the DIY assembly is a great option to consider. Our Bespoke Experience pricing includes all assembly aside from stuffing and sealing the envelopes.

We offer stuffing, stamping, and sealing as an additional service as our print schedule allows. Please inquire with your designer if you'd like to add this service.

How should I seal my envelopes?

Envelopes have a gum paste that is activated by moisture (licking or using water), but it's not always reliable. We seal in-house using Scotch 3M Transfer tape guns (with general purpose tape). If you're looking for a more cost effective disposable option, we recommend the Balune Tape Runners that can be ordered through Amazon. We do not recommend using a glue stick to seal your invitations.

Whatever method you choose, we highly recommend testing a sample to be sure it’s sealed tight before mailing.

Do you offer sustainable or environmentally friendly paper and printing options?

We offer a great earth-friendly option! Our premium cotton paper options are from a paper line called Reich Savoy. This paper is tree free and made from 100% recovered cotton from the textile industry that would otherwise end up in a landfill. And since cotton is naturally brighter white than wood, the cotton paper making process requires less bleach and other chemicals than papers made from wood. It also requires far less water processing and far less energy. Savoy is archival, acid free, recyclable, biodegradable, and elemental chlorine free. And for printing, our favorite letterpress vendor uses all soy inks. Soy ink is a helpful component in paper recycling because the soy ink can be removed more easily than regular ink from paper during the de-inking process. Soy ink also has low levels of VOCs, (volatile organic compounds) which helps to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions. They also clean all of their equipment with Citra Solv products which are made with plant-based ingredients and contain no dyes, EDTA, phosphates or chlorine and scented with the finest essentials oils.